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Why trade commodity CFDs with us!

Commodity trading is the world’s oldest financial activities as popular now as it was many centuries ago. Trading on the margin with Fazo FX Liquidity Markets opens the trading doors for you to add up to your portfolio CFDs on the stable, original, and globally enjoyed commodities such as gold, crude oil, wheat, sugar, coffee, natural gas, coal, cocoa and many others.

What’s good for you in the commodity trading?

Forming the oldest financial market, commodities are known to be a market haven at the times of inflation and economic turmoil. Energies (oil, iron ore), metals (silver, gold, platinum), and agriculture (sugar, corn, wheat) create a separate group of assets representing the everlasting power of the market. With ROInvesting, you trade CFDs on some of the steadiest goods, such as crude oil, iron ore, copper, platinum, coffee, and livestock.

Commodity CFDs for you to trade on Fazo FX Liquidity Markets

SymbolDescriptionTrading HoursSpread
(As low as)
(pro account only)
Brent OilBrent Crude Oil (ICE-EUR)03:00 – 01:000.03125Trade
CocoaCocoa (ICE-US)11:45 – 20:3030125Trade
CoffeeCoffee (ICE-US)11:25 – 20:300.3125Trade
CopperCopper (CME)01:00 – 00:150.0041125Trade
CornCorn (CME)03:00 – 15:45 & 16:30 – 21:250.45125Trade
CottonCotton #2 (ICE-US)04:00 – 21:200.25125Trade
Crude OilLight Sweet Crude Oil (CME)01:00 – 00:150.03125Trade
Natural GasNatural Gas (CME)01:00 – 00:150.003125Trade

Unparalleled service to support your Forex trading

Most longstanding global market

17+ CFDs on commodity trading with Fazo FX Liquidity Markets to invest in the most historically acclaimed and much appreciated market in human history.

Cross-platform trading
Keep track of all the market changes from anywhere in the world. Cutting-edge MT5 trading platform is available 24/7 from PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Make your bids from one account synchronized on all your devices.
Zero commission, low spreads
Focus on your trading strategy without having to worry about the hidden charges or unexpected commissions. We keep our financial policy clear, so you always know what you are up to.
Safety of Funds

The safety and security of client funds is our top priority. Everything we do is with the highest levels of client funds security with Fazo FX Liquidity Markets, we’re committed to offering the best protection available

20+ analytical tools
Opt-in for any of the comfortable chart types: candlestick, bar, or line chart. Customize the trading tools under your needs to challenge the most ambitious trading plans with comfort and knowledge.
24/5 professional support
Refer to our dedicated support team with any questions regarding the onboarding, MT5 installation, or deposit/withdrawal processes.