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Discover the many advantages of Currency Trading

More trading opportunities for you to explore. We offer trading options across many instruments such as Currencies, CFDs, Commodities and Indices. You can create a diverse global portfolio, expanding the options available to you.

Why Forex Market

The Foreign Exchange Market is the largest financial market in the world, by daily volume and by value, averaging 5 trillion USD in exchanges per day. It’s fast-paced and highly liquid, providing a consistent platform for all traders.

This massive, fast-paced and lucrative market is available to you through Fazo FX Liquidity Markets’ MetaTrader 5 application, which you can use to implement your strategies for profits. The Forex market is traded 24/6 opening Sunday 22:00 GMT and Closing Friday evening at 22:00 GMT.

Unparalleled service to support your Forex trading

Most prominent global market

Navigate the waters of the financial market with $5 trillion daily turnovers with a professional Fazo FX Liquidity Markets MT5 platform. Get the trading analytics, market instruments, technological support, and trading inspiration that you truly are looking for.

Cross-platform trading
Keep track of all the market changes from anywhere in the world. Cutting-edge MT5 trading platform is available 24/7 from PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Make your bids from one account synchronized on all your devices.
Zero commission, low spreads
Focus on your trading strategy without having to worry about the hidden charges or unexpected commissions. We keep our financial policy clear, so you always know what you are up to.
Safety of Funds

The safety and security of client funds is our top priority. Everything we do is with the highest levels of client funds security with Fazo FX Liquidity Markets, we’re committed to offering the best protection available

20+ analytical tools
Opt-in for any of the comfortable chart types: candlestick, bar, or line chart. Customize the trading tools under your needs to challenge the most ambitious trading plans with comfort and knowledge.
24/5 professional support
Refer to our dedicated support team with any questions regarding the onboarding, MT5 installation, or deposit/withdrawal processes.