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Learn To Trade

Here you will find an easy to understand overview of how trading works as well as the basics of fundamental and technical analysis.

Catch the next big move with FazoFX Markets

Our expert team of analysts provide a range of resources explaining the ins and outs of market fundamentals, how to set up and use technical indicators, and everything else you’ll need need an understanding of in the foreign exchange market as a new trader.

Trading Guides

Stay up to date with the latest movements in the financial markets with timely market analysis from our in-house team.
Four market orders execution modes
Instant, Request, Market, and Exchange execution modes for market orders in one click.
Customized trading
The native features of the trading platform allow you to customize the execution of your trading orders exactly at the time you demand.
24 analytical objects
Lines, channels, the Gann and Fibonacci tools, shapes, arrows and many more. Analytical objects could be applied both to charts and indicator windows.
History of trades
Monitor your order types, sizes, operation types, numbers of lots and all the details of your trading history to be in control of your finances.
Spreads starting at 0.03 pips
Leverage up to 1:500
An instant account in 3 steps
Exe.speed at 0.04 sec on avg